The top birders of 2017 in Central America according to eBird


In Central America eBirders recorded 1141 bird species -12% of the birds of the world-


Central America is a wonderful region for birders and still by itself a whole destination to be discovered and packed in many tours; encompassing 6 countries (Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) in every country you can have an amazing adventure by combining birdwatching with the cultural experience. In every country there are high quality guides to show you the birding wonders and many of them use the eBird app to record the check lists and report rarities, special birds and important locations.

eBird is becoming the most popular app to register data of your birding activity, and those data are used by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to study birds, create new important bird area and by local organizations to develop actions regarding conservation and ecotourism based on the birds.

Every list that is submitted accounts and the birders are listed as well in a ranking based on the number of species recorded over the year. In Central America this year 8 birders recorded in the app, more than 700 hundred species, and in the Top 10, 8 of the e-birders are from Costa Rica and one from Honduras and another from Panama. The list includes a girl: Mercedez Alpizar from Costa Rica, who is also the only female birdwatcherer in the top 30 birders of the app.

In the head of the list is Juan Diego Vargas, who had in 2017 his Central American big year, becoming the one with the biggest list for the region with 791 species, followed by Ernest Carman with 784 birds, Ariel Fonseca 747, Jim Zook 743, and Sergio Arias (director of Costa Rica Birding) completing the top 5 with 720 species of birds. The top 10 is filled with Euclides Campos (713), Patrick O’Donnell (712), Mercedes Alpizar (707), Leonardo Garriguez (693) and John Van Dort┬á (692).

Top birders of Central America in 2017 by eBird.

The 2018 has just started and there is a new big list to create and a lot of adventures and friends to meet in the region. So pack your bins and get ready to discover the birding wonders of Central America, the birdwatching heart of the Americas. Congratulations to all the birders and bring it on for more birding this year!